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Irish Dance


Learn the beauty of Irish Dance at Davy Dance Academy!

Our unique, curriculum-based Irish Dance program allows dancers to work on specific skills to help them grow into more advanced dancers. Dancers learn technique, soft shoe, and hard shoe while focusing on coordination, balance, and musicality. Classes include fun games to help dancers improve their skills and timing. Dancers learn about discipline & teamwork while being guided towards choreographed performance routines.

All Irish Dancers have the opportunity to perform in the St. Patrick's Day parade in Annapolis, MD each spring. Our Irish Dance Ensemble performs in our annual holiday musical, attends a Spring Feis and/or a regional dance competition, and may take in-studio master classes.

All dance attire and shoes required for classes may be purchased on our online store! Items will be shipped directly to your door.

Purple Epoxy
John Morgan
Irish Dance Teacher
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"Such a wonderful place for students and teachers! A very supportive & positive atmosphere. Davy Dance Academy is a nurturing environment where talented students thrive!"
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