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Age 15-18 Classes


Pre-Professional Classes for Advanced Dancers

We are an award-winning dance studio with a commitment to age-appropriate dance education. Our pre-professional dance classes are designed for students ages 15-18 with an emphasis on learning the foundation of dance skills while also having fun! All of our classes use curriculum based instruction with annual assessments provided to parents in the Spring.  

Our faculty are lively, experienced teachers who have extensive training and a commitment to creating a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Dancers may take one or multiple classes each week. All students are invited to participate in our annual recital, held in June. This optional performance is a wonderful experience for dancers and a highly recommended fun way to celebrate all of the accomplishments the dancers have achieved all year.

All dance attire and shoes required for classes may be purchased at the DDA Dance Boutique

Included below is the full list of classes in the pre-teen/teen program at Davy Dance Academy. Please contact us with questions about class placement for your child!

DDA 2023-24 Pre-Professional Flyer.jpg



"Such a wonderful place for students and teachers! A very supportive & positive atmosphere. Davy Dance Academy is a nurturing environment where talented students thrive!"
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